AA研フォーラム "COVID Pandemic in Thailand: Sovereign Power over Life and Death"

AA研フォーラム"COVID Pandemic in Thailand: Sovereign Power over Life and Death"

14:00-14:50 報告
クワンチーワン・ブワデーン(東京外大AA研外国人研究員,チェンマイ大学) "COVID Pandemic in Thailand: Sovereign Power over Life and Death"
14:50-15:30 質疑応答

COVID pandemic in Thailand started from the beginning of 2020. It is the same period of time that the resisting movement is rising against the military regime which has controlled the power since 2014. Although the COVID has not spread much in the first round of the pandemic, the government has announced the emergency decree which created state of exception. Sovereign power has regulated how people should live and die in the war against COVID. The state strict regulations in the first round results in the downfall of economics, leading to overall people suffering and dying. The second round of COVID pandemic started from April 2021 causes high COVID transmission, high numbers of infectious cases, the sick and death. But as the resisting movement is weakened and to solve economic problem, the state has cancelled the emergency decree and open the country for tourism. Thus it is not the lives and death of common people that the sovereign care but the sovereignty and well-being of the privileges. Based on data and information collected from news and reports, this paper focuses on the inter-relations between the sovereign power, COVID pandemic, and life and death of people in Thailand. It argues that sovereign power in Thailand, which determines people's life and death, in fact concerns more with the conservation of their status quo than the well-being of the people. Their measures also support more rich than poor. The suffering and dying from COVID does not matter much as they were treated as only number in the framework of medical knowledge. Therefore, ordinary people are left to care for themselves.


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